Tony Parsons

In this short video his inspiring story about relentless exposure to working undercover  the drug trade and the life changing events that steeled his resolve to help youth reach their potential through positive life choices.


Tony Parsons worked inside the countrys covert drug operations environment for many years, seeing the worst of the worst. His critical role in some of the highest profile undercover drug investigations, and many others so protected they have never seen the light of day, earned him several extinguished awards for diligence, life saving bravery and commitment. National Drug Awareness was founded to provide a platform of education and clarity for families to positively draw upon and create confidence in youth.

Through humility and passion he reinforces the message to youth of their individual importance, and to remain true to their unique purpose in life when faced with challenge or social pressures.

Today he works with elite athletes in tier one professional sporting codes on a range of drug and alcohol issues as well as criminal association and match fixing. He regularly speaks to school communties across Australia and overseas to ensure they have relevant and timely drug, alcohol and vaping information. Tony is also currently contracted by government departments and the Australian Defence Force to provide best practise policy and information sessions to its personnell.

He is a board member of the charity organisation ‘The Good Life Project’, and provides time speaking at charity functions to raise awareness of empowerment through positive choices. He has a keen interest in the relevancy of vaping amongst todays youth and works to deliver a down-to-earth approach of the harm associated with vaping.

Tony is acknowledged as being an exceptionally unique keynote speaker and able to deliver key points to his audience for them to digest and move forward with.

Meet the Speaker: Tony Parsons

Coming from an extensive covert law enforcement career, Tony Parsons has seen the worst of the worst. The effects of Australia’s drug culture, the consequences of poor choices, and the fragility of human nature. He’s been exposed to so much potential lost through the naivety of drug and alcohol misuse.

All of this, combined with a love for his children, fuels his drive to step forward and be a voice of challenge, experience and change. Tony feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to translate all the bad he’s seen in his professional career into real positive change

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Tony’s compelling presentation style teaches drug awareness through the power of storytelling. Sharing the stark realities, he inspires young people to say “no”, from a position of confidence, focus and resilience. His broader message smacks of experience translated into credible absorbing targeted education.

Tricia Velthuizen

CEO, Churchill Education

This presentation raised our awareness and was highly relevant in addressing the fear that parents with teenage children face. Delivered with incredible authority by someone who has walked through this unique and dangerous culture, the stories and anecdotes were both confronting and powerful. Every parent needs to hear and absorb this message.

Parent session attendee

Marist College, Ashgrove

National Drug awareness delivers specific and confronting insight into the Australian drug culture and their approach systematically dismantles the flawed perceptions of socially acceptable drug use. They create a pathway to have open conversations with our players on this challenging issue. Singularly the best presentation I have ever seen on illicit drugs.

Wayne Bennett

NRL Rugby League Coach

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