Why your children should be using Google’s KidRex

KidRex is a internet browser designed for young children. It operates through Google Safe Search and Google Custom Search to minimise the possibilities that young children will be exposed to inappropriate content online.

KidRexImage2Like any strategy to protect children online, this website alone carries no guarantees. Whilst it can never 100% ensure the bad stuff won’t get through it does reduce the risk dramatically.

This site could be instrumental in filtering inappropriate content that our children happen upon by accident or a spur of the moment curiosity search.  The browser doesn’t appear to have the capabilities of filtering Google Images or Youtube unlike the Google Safe Search.  There is no ability to lock the KidRex browser page which may allow our children to use another browser such as Google or Bing.

There is a Pro Version that isn’t available at this stage. The regular version is free, looks good to kids, is easy to set up and has good instructions and information. Well worth looking into for parents of young children.

Every step we take will reduce the risk. If it can stop just one image from hitting our childrens’ eyes it has paid for itself.

Click here to have a look – http://www.kidrex.org

Click to access the login or register cheese
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