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Our presentations show parents that it is not about devices or programs, it is about applying their physical world mindsets and skills to their children’s online world. The audience will witness real life predatory behaviour clearly displaying offender methodology. Cyberbullying is an issue that all parents and caregivers should be aware of. Unfortunately it is all too common. Our presentations will show you what to watch out for and some solid prevention strategies. The presentation will create a passion within audience members knowing their involvement is not optional, it’s essential.

Our aim is to leave the audience feeling empowered to take control of technology, set rules and boundaries in their home and work hand in hand with teachers and educators. Every audience member, regardless of technological experience, will walk away with simple, powerful and effective messages.

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Up to Date Content

Our experienced team deliver credible presentations that cover up-to-date internet safety issues. We utilise real life stories, engaging videos and relatable photos to communicate important lessons to children at all levels of online development and maturity.

Tailored Sessions

Every training session we deliver is tailor-made to your individual requirements and current internet safety concerns. We take key topics, audience size and allocated time into consideration to design a presentation that will work for your community.

Parent and Community Education

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Every time my child logs on they have access to everything the adult world has to offer. I have to be involved. I may be the only line of defence


Brett Lee
Internet Safe Education

5 Principles to Stay Safe Online

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